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Zita Boschetti-Johnson was born and raised in Northern California. Spending many hours hiking in nearby mountains. gave her great peace and appreciation for the beauty & sounds of Nature. This was to quietly develop into an intimate. lifetime bond. Her Italian heritage would also prove a positive influence on her artistic achievements.

Her formal training was influenced by Ansel Adams. Bret Weston. Morley Baer. Henry Gilpin and other great photographers she knew. admired and studied. Zita has entered many competitions with great success. Her images have been well Accepted by Judges. winning "Best of show" and "First Place" honors regularly. and with those purchasing her work. Her photographs have been reviewed and highlighted by prominent newspapers. television. radio. magazines and hard covered books.

Zita gives a lot of the credit for her developement of her artistic vision and passion as an artist. to her husband and soulmate. Dee. who has shared her experiences and supported her for many decades. With great sensitivity and consideration to her surroundings. She continues to photograph magnificent images bringing the meaning of the subjects to the viewer.

the artist speaks(Below)

Zita 2008 "I have had many adventures in my quest to seek out extraordinary images that invoke impact, from the unusual to the dramatic, that I may be privy to capture and record for myself and others to enjoy. This journey has led me throughout the Western states, Hawaii and South America. Sometimes, on an extraordinary day, the familiar image may present itself as extraordinary, the concept of the better mousetrap. I see pictures not always visible to others. My brain processes in images as well as thoughts and words. On occasion, possibly because of my Italian heritage, what I perceive evokes great passion and emotion within me, down to my very soul."

2008 "Many have told me that they could recognize my work at exhibitions before they saw my name. I would like to think this is due to my intense feeling of responsibility to portray what I see, giving the resulting image, the best possible composition and clarity. The images have been well accepted, exhibited in galleries and photographic competitions nationally and internationally, winning over 1000 awards of "Best of Show" and "First Place", subsequently, being honored by, numerous newspaper articles. The subject matter varies widely, with most sharing the theme of nature and landscapes. Many of the images have been on covers and featured in articles for magazines & books, even honored to be displayed on the hard cover for "photographers forum's, Best of Photography Annual", having been chosen over 32,500 other Photographers images from around the world."

Zita 2008 "For over 30 years, my husband and soul mate, has shared my life and supported me, making the adventures possible. Sometimes he has been very helpful getting me out of and sometimes into situations. He had to pull me out of quicksand, a sinkhole, when I had fallen through the snow into a hidden under ground stream and boiling water from a geyser, I didn't notice I was sinking into. On another occasion, he really came in handy holding my ankles, while I dangled over a cliff to get a picture. With no formal experience climbing, we have climbed many steep cliffs and hazardous trails with thoughts of obtaining optimum results. Our quest for the memorable image has taken us into interesting and sometimes dangerous places. I hope you too can share in our adventures, envisioning the day, the smell of wet foliage and sounds of birds chirping, as you view the gallery."

Note: The images have been altered in resolution, down to about a quarter, making them more internet friendly. I suggest buying a greeting card, although not on the same paper, if you would like to see a better representation. The price you paid for the card, will be credited in the purchase price of the photograph.

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