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Ancient Ruins And Petroglyphs

"Ancient American Indian ruins. Petroglyphs and pictographs originated from many western states. 2 methods were used in creating the rock art shown. Petroglyphs were pecked or incised into stone walls or boulders. Pictographs were painted on stone. Entrusted to us. much of these priceless remnants of ancient cultures. have been marred or destroyed permanently and cannot be replaced.

Halo Ruin. as I have named it. still has food reminants and artifacts. So far very few know of this place which appears to help keep it safe and intact. The ruins are the habitation sites where ancient cultures made their homes and stored their food and grain. They used natural hollows in the stone walls and cliffs. using hand made bricks for construction of their dwellings and graineries. They also used some primative excavation methods."





"This was a long. very quiet trek. that ended in a wonderful discovery. Many paths led nowhere. Th "Halo Ruin. as I have named it. not knowing its real name. is really spectacular. Striking deep reds "This image is one of the spectacular cliff dwellings that was built between A.D. 450 and 1300. when "The Petroglyphs shown on "Newspaper Rock" were created by several ancient cultures beginning over 1 4

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