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Landscapes And Rock Formations

"Sometimes I think she's laughing at us. mother nature that is. As I study some of the varied rock formations. I almost recognize figures and scenes. in natures sculpts.

Water. wind and Gravity have helped to sculpt the layers of red and white sandstone into odd looking formations. pillars and arches that seem to rise from the earth. high enough that we must take notice. Beneath the grade. an assemblage of natures abstract carvings chisled from the archaic power of the rushing water. enlarges crevasses allowing us an inspiring site to explore."




"Pillers and spires raise up with unusual order. Formed by the erosion caused by water. wind and gra "This picture was taken in Zions National Park.  The lighting always seems to be just perfect giving "I was photographing base jumpers as they parachuted off the Moab cliffs. when I noticed this very l "This is what is called a Slot Canyon. formed by rain water from storms as far as 50 miles away. Rus 4

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